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I like the idea, the graphics of the menu and the music is awesome... But it's the only good point... sadly it's unplayable ... the physics are out, can't even pass the first level... Good work anyway.

whoops, sorry about that! honestly you may find the poorly-named "hard mode" (tank controls) more predictable, it's available in options/cheats by default


Made a video on this recently and found it pretty unique and charming, had some trouble with the controls here and there but overall was a fun concept! Happy to have tried it out :)

lol nice, thanks for sharing!

honestly i do agree about the controls feeling sort of may find it easier if you enable the dubiously-named "hard mode" in the cheats page (which makes it use plain tank-controls instead of the sorta-drunk auto-rotation setup)

you got pretty close to the end! if you wanna see how it concludes without having to retry anything multiple times, there's also a "no drawing-accuracy" cheat in that same menu which removes the failure condition from the drawing/tracing levels, and a "no timers" cheat as well.  other cheats have to be unlocked by winning the A+ challenges, but the ones mentioned above are available out of the gate

Really cool game, not most for the mowing mechanics, but for the e-mails. I really enjoied how this games tells the story through the e-mails that you received, giving you also a tutorial and a quest system at the same time. Good job!

Very funny


Now, this is what I expect when entering itch! Awesome game, I love your style and humor. You illed it, oh wait, I thin my  ey is not woring, damn, my delete ey is not woring either, no, go back, dammit. Great game nonetheless :)

fun and satisfying!

o jogo é bom?

This is a neat game! I found the "mow the shapes" challenges a little frustrating, but the story really made the whole thing come together. Some especially inventive stuff towards the end!

nice game!

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EDIT: I also get bothered by time pressure. For anyone in the same boat as me, there's a thingy in the settings where you can turn off time challenges and drawing accuracy :) Developer.....As a very stressed person who is not good with pressure, I thank you with whole my gaming heart lol 

Is anyone else having an enourmous amount of stress over the drawing shapes? IMO after I clear out most of the grass I have to, it gets very hard to see where I still have to cut some grass. I know it's a special shade, and in the beginning the lighter grass is very clear to see, but then I get to the shape I am supposed to have and I have to get higher accuracy so I try to mow away some more, but it's just very hard to see where the little lighter green pieces are and I end up having to restart the whole time... It's kinda stressful for me and I've been stuck on the 'bad dudes' level where you have to draw a... colorful message on the lawn of some bad people, after Fake Name moves 

stuck on the last level ?

if it's the level where four things arrive after a drawing-challenge:  you can use the sprinkler to your advantage

if it's the level after that:  you need to clear the whole map (hold the toggle-mower button to use this new device, but note that holding the button also makes you move slower)

Wait how exactly do you use the sprinkler? I figured out I can spray it, but it isn't hitting any of the things aaaah I wanna save Cindy

Never mind you explode them with the lightning I get it okay thank you anyways 

Couldn't finish this game :( but it was funnnn :) 



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Reminds me of mowing my neighbors' lawns on a sunny summer day :)

Honestly found this game very relaxing. Idk what it is, but just mowing lawns for some aliens just tickles me the right way<

btw cheat code is "GIMME THE CASHHH"


for people reading: this unlocks all levels, but also completes all A+ challenges (which unlocks all the other cheats) - so don't use it if you want to earn those on your own!


Yeah I shoulda added that lol



This was a super cool game! Amazingly, I'm apparently better at mowing IRL lawns than video game lawns... My real lawn mowing never turns so weird in the end though!

I talked about Completion LawnCare in this week's video: 

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I don't think this game was here in 1929 and I don't think its 2058


no shit Sherlock 

It was really weird when it turned into a horror game. The grass just keeps growing.


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grate game


The green room reference was fucking amazing, I loved that movie so much.

Love the Bad dudes mission, very true


absolutely wonderful game

MacOS is such a good platform for this

Lenny wants to know how fast i can cut some... ;)

Incredible. Beautiful. Awesome.


Awesome game! So nicely considered and funny.

lel. for those who have a lot of grass to cut at home and lazy to do that... :D

us being those people


Really fun game!


This game is like an ad you would see when playing a mobile game


This is identical to Mowerman on the Pico 8, are you the same author by chance? It's super cool 


Yep that's me - and thanks!


Great game!! BEautiful effects.


Does anybody know how to beat the nazi level? I get past the A+ grade but then aliens show up and laser me to death every time. I've tried hitting "Save and go home" after reaching over the A+ grade but it doesn't count as a victory :/


need to find a way to defeat them!  it's a bit of a puzzle, using the stuff that's available in the map


ah-HA! Thank you! What a lovely game

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what stuff?

the mowing-challenge is already completed at that point, so ignoring the grass, there are only a few other things in the level: the player/mower, the enemies, and the sprinkler


This is actually so much better than it needs to be, I cannot wait for your future projects man

thanks, glad you enjoyed it!


Made a video


This game is surprisingly satisfying, yet it does have a thrill to it with the addition of the sprinklers and the A+ targets.

Mowing just enough before the A+ limit runs out is extremely rewarding, and having a decent time overall makes you feel even more accomplished.

The game is great (especially for an HTML5 game), and I could play for hours!


yo this game is supremely satisfying serenity