Uh oh, it's the Ringy Tunnel!

WARNING!  This game features a first-person view moving extremely, extremely fast through a tunnel - if you have problems with photosensitivity, you may want to sit this one out, or at least approach with caution!


I made this for TweetTweetJam, a gamejam where people try to write games whose full code fits into two tweets (560 bytes)!

  • Arrow Keys - move
  • When you fly through a ring, your speed increases and you get one point.  When you miss a ring, you start over - my high score is 23!


Here's the code - it looks like garbage (to save characters!), but if you paste it into a blank Pico-8 cartridge, it'll run the game you see above.

if o<=0then
l+=1if((e-r)^2+(f-s)^2>.5)t=1c=1o=99l=0else j=max(j,l)
w=d%1q=d\1for z=75,2,-.05do
if(z-o<=.05and z>o)for i=0,1,.05do _(64+(g-r+cos(i)/2)*p,64+(h-s+sin(i)/2)*p,p/10+i/2,13)end
?"best: "..j
flip()goto _


If this type of code-compression nonsense is fun to you, you might also enjoy my other game, Froggy Road, which I made for an earlier round of TweetTweetJam!

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tagsdemoscene, Fast-Paced, tunnel, tweettweetjam


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40! :OOOO


WHAT lmao, that is an outrageous score! would love to see a video of your play, even if you can't get another 40 on-demand


ben trying- no dice yet :cri:


Very cool game mate!


This is art.

Super fun game.

31?  Confirmed you are a robot.

(1 edit)

lol well now i'm paranoid that i got that score with an older version when it wasn't as hard....maybe the FOV was different and the rings were visible from farther away.  gonna disqualify that score, just in case - trying again a few times now, the best i got was 23, so I'm updating the description with that! lol


This is a really great entry, 2d! 🤩👌
Addictive as heck (assuming ur eyes handle it for long enough 😵)
Nice one, mate.


Nicely done!


Really nice little game, and the visuals are very well incorporated into gameplay. My high score is only 11, I’ll have to practice more.

I appreciate the hidden “l337” in your code, too. :)


hehehe it happened by total coincidence at first, but then some later minification caused it to change into J337, and at that point i was like whelp now i'm legally required to change the variable names to make it L337 again

ESPECIALLY because it's the "player-showoff UI" for displaying your current score!